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Hi, is it possible to view and edit ExcelBIM in a browser and share a model with viewing rights only?

Posted : 05/07/2021 3:23 pm
John Kottakis
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Hello Ricardo,


What you are looking for is CellBIM Cloud and is actually already under development on our end! You are not alone in that request so we have put all our effort to bring this to life soon.

Model viewing is planned to be similar to the desktop platform and even though the editing functionality will be limited, we try to include as many features as possible.

We will keep in touch for any further news on the matter. In the meantime, if you haven't already, feel free to get your hands on a CellBIM-BIM for Excel trial and share your much needed feedback with us!



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Posted : 13/07/2021 9:31 am
DNO reacted
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Sounds like a great feature. Looking forward to seeing CellBIM Cloud in action.

Posted : 30/07/2021 9:12 pm