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Bug about linked cells

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Hi CellBIM team! Hope you are doing nice 🙂


After several hours testing the plugin I have notice two little bugs:

1. When you select a column all of your linked elements (even outside that column) get selected in the viewer.
2. If you cut and paste an already linked cell to another empty cell, the link in the previous cell remains active and the "Delete Connection(s)" command does nothing.


Also, I know the following is not a bug but I don't want to add nother topic:

1. Is it possible to update the model after it was imported in CellBIM?
2. Is it possible to select model elements doing a query on their data? I am guessing it could be done with the "Design Tree" command, but don't know how.


In the other hand I would like to suggest you do more tutorials/documentation for newcommers, like most of us. So far I see a great potential on this plugin, specially for cost estimation; saddly the price is a bit high for some countries in Latin America :/ and that is one of the greatest problems of BIM developers when they enter on this markets. Nevertheless, good job so far! I am enjoying the learning of CellBIM 🙂 would like to mention it in my BIM YouTube Channel.

Topic starter Posted : 07/10/2021 10:21 pm
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I have notice another little bug: when you do right click on the viewer and minimize excel, the context menu remains visible on top of everything else.

Topic starter Posted : 07/10/2021 10:27 pm
John Kottakis
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Hola Juan!

First and foremost, thank you very much for taking the time to use CellBIM, as well as write this detailed report with your findings!

Currently in order to remove connection the available option is to click on 'Delete Connections'. Our developers will investigate on how Excel handles 'Cut' events and if we find out there are issues we 'll do our best to provide alternatives. By the way, I tried linking an element to a cell, cut-paste to another one and the link from the previous cell was not left there, so could you tell me which property did you link and on which CellBIM version that was on?

About the 'minimize' bug you mention, this is a known issue and has again to do with how Excel handles similar mouse events-'clicks'. We have a possible workaround in mind and even though its implementation will not be simple, we will do our best to work on it on following releases.

On the columns selection problem where choosing a column makes all elements from the spreadsheet appear selected in the viewer, we were able to reproduce it and acknowledge as a bug so thanks again for pointing this out!

Now, about revising a model already imported, currently we are limited to being able to import more than 1 model so you could have both the original and a revised one, created externally.

Regarding developing a smart way of linking elements to cells, to modify an a existing connection as such, you can use 'Connection Properties'. Select 'Pick by Query', insert a condition-or more- to apply and return elements based on one of their attributes and hit the 'Update' button. Voila!


If you would like a different example demonstrated please let me know.

I 'll get in touch with the team about the rest of your remarks and see what we could do. About your YouTube channel, I just paid a visit and even though Spanish is not my native language, I 'm only impressed by the professionalism and the modern way you display your content- bien hecho! Looks like you are going places with this work 🙂

Hope I have helped and don't hesitate to get back to us through this forum for anything else you might need or want to report!

Best Regards,

John Kottakis

Posted : 13/10/2021 3:15 pm